Learn To Play, Play For Fun!

Our Story:

Obvious Choice Sports is locally owned and operated.  We were founded by a former NCAA Division I Basketball player, who learned about hard work, sportsmanship, and self confidence by playing a wide variety of sports as a child. To share his experience with kids in his hometown, he started Obvious Choice Sports. Our programs engage children in a range of sports where they learn to play, and play for fun!

Since 2013, we have grown from providing just one program to offering programs at over 20 locations in the Greater Philadelphia region. Our programs are designed for youth in pre-school through sixth grade. We offer after school sports, summer camps (sports and non-sports), spring break camps, winter break camps, school’s out days, birthday parties, and more!

What Makes Us The Obvious Choice:

Fun & Safe - Obvious Choice Sports provides a safe environment where youth of all skill levels play sports and have fun!

Research Based - Our programs are designed to introduce children to a variety of sports to promote positive development[1]  Research shows that youth sports programs play a significant role in increasing a child’s confidence, social skills, and leadership qualities[2].  In addition, exposing children to multiple sports has a greater effect on their development than simply teaching them one sport[3]. Youth under 12 who specialize in just one sport are at an increased risk for injury and burnout, and enjoy sports less than their counterparts who play multiple sports[4].  Playing a range of sports at a young age leads to a better chance of lifetime physical fitness and lifetime sports involvement[5].  That is why we created our programs with a primary focus of learning multiple sports and having fun!

Exceptional Quality - We want all kids to have the opportunity to learn to play and play for fun! So, we make sure that our programs are affordable and easily accessible for all. We provide programs for youth from all walks of life, from those living in North Philadelphia to those living on the Main Line, and beyond!

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